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(model 5615-20)

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(model 5615-21*)
 Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces a unique new router for maximum user control and comfort.  Called the BodyGrip™, the new 1-3/4 Max HP router  is designed with an exclusive tactile BodyGrip™ and soft-grip handles.  A unique adjustable hook and loop strap around the router body provides users maximum control and comfort during operation.  

The exclusive linear height adjustment system enables fast, precise adjustments  to 1/64-inch.  For added convenience and comfort, the new routers feature a 3/8-inch hex that can be accessed through the base of the router, eliminating the need for users to reach under the router table to adjust the router bit's cutting height.  A wide 2-1/2-inch sub-base center hole, more than twice the size of competitive units, provides maximum bit visibility and clearance. 
5615-20 only 149.95


5615-21 only 175.00 with case & router station
(*Free Contractor Bag offer from Milwaukee until 12-31-03 call for details)



New 1 1/2" Rotary Hammer

Fig. 1
model 5321-21


only  579.95

Milwaukee’s New 1 1/2-Inch Rotary Hammer Features Highest Energy per Blow  in its Class

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has introduced a new 1-1/2" Rotary Hammer.  Ideal for contractors, plumbers, electricians, and cable installers, this hammer offers the highest blow energy, the highest Amp rating, the highest BPM, and the longest life pneumatics of those in the 1-1/2" class.  In addition, this hammer is ideal for removing tile, setting self-drilling anchors, scraping splatter and adhesives, and demolition work such as chipping, chiseling and breaking.  The blend of RPMs and BPMs is designed to maximize drilling performance and bit life.  

This Spline Rotary Hammer features a push-in, quick-change bit holder, Electronic Feedback Control Circuit (EFCC), stop rotation for chipping and self-drill anchors, plus additional features such as:  vibration isolation, speed control dialservice reminder lights, and power indication lights, and the exclusive Milwaukee Quik-Lok™ cord system.  



New Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press

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4270-20 (no case)
only 888.00

4270-21 (with case)
only 899.95

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New Lightweight Drill Press Features 2,300 lbs dead lift force

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces a new compact electromagnetic drill press with a powerful 1.1 max HP, 9.0 amp Milwaukee-built motor.  The powerful motor handles the toughest drilling applications.  A two-coil magnet, which provides 2,300 lbs of deadlift force on 1-inch thick steel, ensures stability and holding force during drilling.  This tool is ideal for drilling holes in metal and is designed for use by automotive and truck builders, bridge builders, construction workers, fabricators, erectors, ship builders and steel workers.

With the highest cutting capacity in its class, the new electromagnetic drill press can drill holes up to 1-½ inches in diameter and two inches deep using industry standard ¾-inch diameter shank annular cutters.   With an optional chuck arbor the maximum twist bit capacity is ½-inch in diameter and 4 ¼-inches deep.  

The Milwaukee drill press is user-friendly.  The control panel is on the back of the tool where it does not interfere with the side feed handle.  The handle can be easily removed and switched to the other side. An ergonomically designed carrying handle distributes weight evenly.  An illuminated magnet off/on rocker switch indicates when the magnet is energized. The mushroom drill motor button is large and clearly marked.  At 15" tall and only 26.5 lbs., the drill press is easily portable and offers a superior power-to-weight ratio.

The 9.0 amp motor has an impact resistant nylon motor housing, which is more forgiving than aluminum, when dropped.  The arbor has a built in coolant reservoir that holds enough cutting fluid to drill one hole in an upright position.  A coolant hand pump comes standard with the tool, allowing the tool to be used in non-upright positions.

Fig. 2
     In a departure from the previous models offered by Milwaukee, this model uses the industry standard design for annular cutters so that you will not have a hard time finding the cutters for this unit.  You will also notice that the price of the cutters is 1/2 of previous models and they are able to be resharpened .  We are pleased at Fairbury Fastener to be able to offer a relatively fast turn-a-round on re-sharpening bits and stock all popular sizes in a 1" and 2" depth.